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This quick procedure has few to no adverse effects and is performed with a scalpel and a delicate touch. We simply abrade the surface of the skin using light feathering strokes. It is a great choice for patients who have excess vellus hair on the skin.


By removing the vellus hair and dead epidermal skin, products are able to penetrate more readily into the deeper layers. Combined with our unique enzyme masque, dermaplaning cleanses skin of impurities, unclogs pores, and removes years of build up and dead skin cells.


Your face becomes noticeably smoother and refreshed.


Melissa’s aesthetic services blend art, science, and expertise. Visit the About page to learn more about Melissa Gibbens Aesthetics & Wellness and the Products page for her recommended beauty items.  Be sure to check out her Testimonials, dozens of clients have provided feedback and rave reviews.  Melissa Gibbens Aesthetics & Wellness is honored by the trust of these patients and their loyalty. You deserve to look your best!

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