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Plasma Skin Resurfacing


Individual results may vary

Smooth wrinkles & scarring • Eliminate brown spots • Tightens skin

Unlike traditional lasers, Advanced Plasma Technology is chromophore dependent and it can therefore safely and effectively treat patients of various ethnicities.

No Open Wounds

The treated photodamaged layers undergo a controlled thermal modification, while remaining intact, creating a natural dressing to provide protection and speed healing. At high energies the epidermis sheds, but only after a new, healthier skin architecture is formed beneath.

Treats the Whole Skin Architecture

Treating the entire skin structure ensures optimal results as the entire surface is regenerated with associated neocollagenesis and neoelastogenesis. No islands of untreated skin remain. Clinical studies show significant tightening – Mean 22% improvement in upper eyelid tightening (JOCD 7, 169-179, 2008).

Eyelids and Periorbital Treatment

NeoGen Plasma & Age Jet is the ideal option for the treatment of the upper and lower eyelids, as well as the wider periorbital region. Other technologies cannot be used in this area or deliver inconsistent results.

Long Lasting Results

Clinical studies show neocollagenesis and reduction in elastosis continuing for more than one year post treatment.

The Proven Power of Plasma for Skin Regeneration

Unique technology – controlled pulses of nitrogen plasma energy

• Treats the whole skin architecture – no islands of untreated skin remain

• Deep Tissue Remodelling – epidermis acts as natural dressing post treatment

• Versatile – high or low energy treatment choices to fit your patients’ needs and lifestyle

• Precise – treat eyelids effectively with significant results

• Long-lasting effects – intense fibroblast activity supports continued regeneration.

• Consistent – non-fractionated and non-chromophore dependence assures uniform energy absorption

• Proven – Plasma Skin Regeneration is supported by numerous IRB-controlled studies


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